Vocabulary Part 1
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Vocabulary Part 2
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Vocabulary Part 3
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In March, I took the test and achieved a disappointing level B1. These tests cannot test oral skills. Apart from grammar, reading skills, listening skills, some vocabulary and writing skills, the most important skill is not tested: Speaking skills!

I didn't hold back and started language training through OLS. After just under forty hours, I took the test again with a result of C1.


How do I continue to work on language skills now?

I had intended to pursue OLS but have more than enough challenges.

I live like an Italian among native speakers, reading philosophy and studying the program booklets of the many classical concerts I attend here in Italian.

I compile a lexicon of all the vocabulary, sayings and proverbs in a systematic way, which I rehearse in an equally systematic way. If I succeed, by the end of my stay I will have enriched my language with about 2,000 words.